Minnesota Revving Up for Lane Splitting: What SF5174 Means for Riders

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Calling all Minnesota motorcycle enthusiasts! Buckle up, because SF5174, a bill introduced in the 2023-2024 legislative session, could change the way you ride. This bill proposes legalizing lane splitting, a technique where motorcycles weave between lanes of slow-moving or stopped traffic.

But what exactly does SF5174 say?

In simple terms, the bill allows motorcyclists to lane split as long as they:

  • Keep it slow: Don’t exceed 40 mph while splitting lanes.
  • Mind the gap: Maintain a safe speed differential – no more than 15 mph faster than surrounding traffic.

Safety First: A Public Awareness Campaign

The bill recognizes the importance of educating both riders and drivers about lane splitting. If passed, it would require a public awareness campaign to ensure everyone understands the rules and stays safe on the road.

Minnesota Joining the Pack?

While Minnesota ponders lane splitting, it’s already legal in California, Utah, and a handful of other states. Many others are considering similar legislation. This trend reflects a growing recognition of motorcycles’ vulnerability in congested traffic. Proponents argue lane splitting allows riders to escape danger zones and reduce overall travel time.

Is Lane Splitting Safe?

The safety debate continues. Opponents highlight the risk of collisions with vehicles turning lanes or opening doors. Studies show mixed results, with some suggesting lane splitting can be safe under specific conditions.

What’s Next for Minnesota Riders?

The future of lane splitting in Minnesota remains to be seen. Keep an eye on the legislature’s website for updates on SF5174’s progress.

Remember: Regardless of the law, safety should always be your top priority. If lane splitting becomes legal, prioritize education and responsible riding practices.

Let’s Get the Conversation Rolling!

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