Editorials Where's Ruby?

Where’s Ruby?

Hey, folks new feature time! With a portion of the country stuck inside or not able to just hang out with friends and family due to COVID-19 I wanted to try sort of a guessing game. The game is called "Where's Ruby". Ruby is what I named my 2019 Ruby Red Indian Chieftain Limited. To start with I will be taking photos of her in front of Minnesota and Wisconsin

Tips for selling your Motorcycle

Take High-Quality Photos - Photos have the power to draw buyers in - so make sure yours are the best they can be. Buyers want to see authentic photos when they are searching for listings, so do your best to avoid stock photography. We suggest including a wide variety of photos on your listing including various angles and up-close shots so the potential buyer can get the full scope of your

The V-Twin Blog’s Top 10 Posts of 2019

Happy New Year Everyone! 2019 was another interesting year for the American motorcycle industry. Sadly, we lost an icon in the industry Arlen Ness to cancer. On the positive side we saw the two American motorcycle powerhouses release groundbreaking motorcycles, Harley-Davidson released the Livewire and Indian Motorcycle released the Challenger. The V-Twin Blog missed one big projected target, the “Life behind bars” series did not get off the ground like

2018’s Top 10 posts on The V-Twin Blog

Happy belated New Year to everyone! 2018 was definitely an interesting year for the American motorcycle industry. We lost my favorite motorcycle blogger Cyril Huze to cancer, we saw Harley-Davidson and Indian Motorcycle Company come out with power cruisers, and we also saw Travis Pastrana replicate three of the iconic Evel Knievel's famous jumps in one day. The V twin Blog also saw a transformation in 2018. As promised there


Last year I tried something a little different, I did a prediction post. I really enjoyed writing that post and the response to the post was very positive so back by popular demand...The 2019 Motorcycle Prediction post! This is the year of the electric motorcycle: Harley-Davidson just announced availability and pricing for the LiveWire, their first run at an electric motorcycle. The $29,799 price tag will draw criticism but the