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For a few years here at The V-Twin Blog, we have been hand-wringing for a while over how to expand our reach. We have been wanting to use YouTube Videos as a platform for a while, but what would the content be? Do we do ride videos, review videos, news videos? In looking at YouTube we noticed that there aren’t a lot of videos from events like Sturgis or regional motorcycle shows.

So to stay on the theme of what The V-Twin Blog has been about from the beginning of providing a one-stop-shop for V-Twin riders, we are working hard to bring you video content that we think will appeal to V-Twin riders.

We’ve placed what you could consider a “trailer” video of what is in store for this and hopefully many more riding seasons to come.

So hope you enjoy the video below and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to join us on this two-wheeled adventure.

Ride or Die!

The V-Twin Blogger

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