5 ways motorcycles have made my life better

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As we close out 2016 I am here reflecting on how motorcycles have made my life better, below I have compiled a list of 5 ways owning and riding a motorcycle have made my life better:

1. Better driver

Recent studies conducted revealed that motorcyclists have a better knowledge of the rules of the road than people on four wheels.  In 2012 Equity Red Star compared car drivers to car users who also have an insured motorcycle and found the latter 23% less likely on average to make a claim on their car policy. Add this information to the fact that we tend to ride defensively, don’t typically tailgate and have a nature instinct to watch out for other motorcyclist just inherently make us better drivers.

2. More relaxed

I often tell nonriders that the most relaxing thing I do on a regular basis ride a motorcycle. Most tend to look at me funny when I say that, but it’s the truth.With the stress of work, a side business (this blog) and having a young child at home riding is by far the most relaxing thing that I do. Just knowing that I’m going to be getting on the bike and going for a ride lowers my stress level immeasurably. And talk to the other riders I know they feel the same way.

3. New family

Since I got back into riding I’ve noticed that my family has gotten much bigger. What I mean by that is I have my blood family my in-laws and my biker family. I frequently refer to my biker family members as brothers or sisters, these are people that I ride with, drink with, party with, volunteer with, do charity work with, and have a lot of respect for. They’re also people like my blood family and in-laws that have offered to lend a hand if I’ve needed help, always have my back and are always welcome at my dinner table. They are a true brotherhood.

4. Enriched family life

When my wife and I started dating she had been on a motorcycle one time in her life now she has her own motorcycle has been to Sturgis 5 times and is one of the best riders I know.  During the riding season, she and I try to get out and just go riding together, this allows us to spend some good quality time together and I believe make us a much stronger couple. Our annual vacation is now officially the Sturgis motorcycle rally! We spend a good art of the late spring getting plans in place for so that our youngest and our dog are in good hands.

5. This blog

The V-Twin Blog started as a way for me to get through the winter blues and has morphed into one of the top motorcycle news and information sites in the world in less than a year. The feedback I get about the site, the opportunity to communicate with some of you online and in person has been humbling and fulfilling. To put it bluntly, you all are the reason I keep writing. I feel like my biker family keeps growing with every new reader, every email and every one of you that I meet in person, and for that, I want to say thank you!!!

In 2017 I will continue to bring you the latest V-Twin news and information plus I’m going to try and add in more photo galleries and try my hand at a few reviews (parts and bikes).
Ride or Die!

The V-Twin Blogger

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