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From Thunder to Symphony: An Indian Chieftain Rider Expands His Horizons with the 2021 Yamaha MT-09


My Indian Chieftain still reigns supreme in my garage. Its low rumble echoes through my soul, the steady heartbeat of countless highway miles and sun-drenched adventures. But as any true rider knows, the call of the open road can sometimes whisper in a different tune. This time, it arrived on three wheels and wore a battle cry of a triple-cylinder engine – the 2021 Yamaha MT-09.

Confession time, my Indian Chieftain companions: I added the MT-09 (Ugly Betty) to my stable. No betrayal here, just a thirst for a new flavor of asphalt adventures. Would I miss the chrome-clad confidence of my Indian Chieftain? Could I handle the high-octane fire of the Yamaha CP3 engine? Would my Indian Motorcycle brothers raise an eyebrow?

Fear not, for I’m here to tell you this: the MT-09 is a revelation, a different beast parked next to my trusty 2019 Indian Chieftain (Ruby). It’s like taking the soul of a fighter jet and injecting it into a street-legal rocket. Gone are the leisurely Sunday strolls; replaced by snarls and snaps as the 890cc triple catapults you forward. It’s a different kind of thrill, not a slow, steady rumble, but an explosion of torque that throws you back and begs you to twist the throttle harder.

But don’t be fooled by the ferocity. This beast, unlike a wild mustang, is surprisingly tamed. The ride is surprisingly comfortable, the suspension soaking up bumps like a seasoned desert runner. The upright riding position feels familiar, even after hours in the saddle. And the electronics? They’re like a guardian angel on a motorcycle, whispering warnings before you get in over your head. Traction control, wheelie control, ABS, – they’re all there, keeping you safe without smothering the ride.

And then there’s the handling. Oh, the handling! This bike carves through corners like a tomahawk through a board. Lean in, think, and it obeys, carving smooth lines with the precision of a scalpel. It’s agile, playful, and downright addictive. No more lumbering through turns, just a heart pump match with the asphalt. And oh did I mention a quick-shifter?

But does it make me forget or neglect my Chieftain? Not a chance. Ruby is still the queen of the garage, the ruler of open highways and endless horizons. Ugly Betty, however, has opened up a new world, a world of adrenaline-pumping sprints and knee-dragging corner chases. It’s a machine that begs to be unleashed, a reminder that sometimes, the best way to honor your love for one ride is to embrace the possibilities of another.

So, to my fellow Chieftain riders, I say this: don’t fear the siren song of the triple. Take a test ride, feel the fire in your veins, and discover a new breed of thrill. You might just surprise yourself, and find that your garage can hold more than one love, each enriching the journey in its own unique way.

After all, a true rider never truly closes the door on love, just expands their garage to hold all the adventures that life, and the open road, throws their way.

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