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Cardo’s Newest Mesh Communicator Offers the Industry’s First Scalable Service Plan, Allowing Riders to Adjust their Comms Experience Whenever They Want
New PACKTALK CUSTOM Delivers Same PACKTALK Performance,
  Offers Three Subscription Levels With Varying Features

XX, TX (March 8, 2023) Cardo Systems, the global market leader in wireless communication systems for powersports, has unlocked the power of personalization with the all-new PACKTALK CUSTOM. Available at a mid-range price point of $269.95/279.95 EUR, Cardo’s industry-first mesh communicator service offers Pay-Per-Feature subscription plans – allowing riders to get everything they need and nothing they don’t.

Based on the popular PACKTALK EDGE, the PACKTALK CUSTOM is the industry’s first wireless helmet communicator to allow riders to personalize their helmet comms experience by selecting from three subscription offerings on the Cardo Connect App, including SILVER, GOLD, and PLATINUM. In its stock form, the PACKTALK CUSTOM is loaded with features right out of the box, featuring Cardo’s second-generation Dynamic Mesh Communication, Bluetooth 5.2 Technology, over-the-air updates, and a fully waterproof design – just to name a few. Upgraded features within each pay-per-feature package include music sharing, audio profiles, universal Bluetooth Intercom, voice command, and more.

“PACKTALK CUSTOM is a direct result of our team listening to our riders from around the world, as the Want’s and Need’s are extremely diverse” said Alon Lumbroso, chief executive officer, Cardo Systems. “We’re extremely proud to continue to drive the industry forward with new trailblazing innovations and industry-firsts like the PACKTALK CUSTOM.”

Available for $269, the Cardo PACKTALK CUSTOM comes standard with the following features:

  • Second-generation Dynamic Mesh Communication
  • Waterproof IP67
  • Connect with up to 15 riders with up to a 1.6K rider-to-rider range
  • 40mm HD speakers
  • Over-the-air software updates eliminates the need for cables or WiFi adapters
  • Bluetooth 5.2 Technology
  • 13hrs talk time with fast charging (20-mins provides 2-hours of talk time)
  • 2-Year Warranty

Riders can upgrade their PACKTALK CUSTOM by selecting one of three Pay-Per-Feature subscription packages, including:

  • SILVER, starting at $2.99 Monthly / $19.99 Yearly
  • GOLD, starting at $4.99 Monthly / $29.99 Yearly
  • PLATINUM, starting at $6.99 Monthly / $39.99 Yearly

The key features of the SILVER package include everything in the base package with the addition of music sharing, audio profiles and speed dial. Riders looking for more features can opt for the GOLD package which includes the base and silver features but also expands to include universal Bluetooth intercom and a 2nd channel connection. Riders looking to ride with all the bells and whistles can upgrade to the PLATINUM which includes all the previous features from the lower tiers but is elevated with voice commands and eco mode.

The PACKTALK CUSTOM utilizes the Cardo Connect app with Apple Pay and/or Google Pay to provide riders the ability to upgrade and/or scale back on the features needed at any time.  Simply connect to the app, pick your package and enjoy the desired features.  When switching from a higher subscription tier to a lower tier the features from the higher tier will remain through the billing cycle and the down grade will be implemented at the start of the new billing cycle. When upgrading from a lower subscription tier to a higher tier the features will automatically be applied to the PACKTALK CUSTOM and a credit will be issued for the unused lower-tiered subscription.

The PACKTALK CUSTOM is also compatible with select PACKTALK NEO accessories such as 2nd Hemet Kit 40mm HD and the 2nd Helmet Kit JBL.

The new PACKTALK CUSTOM has an MSRP of $269.95/279.95 EUR and will be available from retailers in April or ordered directly from on March 8th.

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About Cardo Systems

Cardo Systems specializes in the design, development, manufacturing and sale of state-of-the-art wireless communication and entertainment systems for the widest possible range of on-road and off-road powersports applications. Originally focused on mobile, wireless communications solutions for motorcyclists since its inception in 2003, Cardo pioneered the vast majority of innovations for Bluetooth communication systems, and in 2015, introduced the world’s first mesh-powered communication protocol into the motorcycle market. The company’s products, now available in over 100 countries, are the world’s leading communication devices for the motorcycle industry, with an ever-expanding focus on elevating the riding experience across all powersports categories through superior wireless communications technologies.

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