EagleRider Expands its Motorcycle Subscription Program

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LOS ANGELES, Dec. 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — EagleRider, the world’s largest provider of motorcycle rentals, membership, and tours, is proud to announce the expansion of Club EagleRider Motorcycle Membership program with two new membership options. The “RIDE 12” and “PICK 6” premium memberships allow greater access to our fleet of thousands of motorcycles from a variety of brands like Harley-Davidson, Triumph, Royal Enfield, KTM, Husqvarna, Honda and Yamaha; including off-road products like dirt bikes, and side-by-sides; by giving subscribers 10 times more riding credits each month than the original membership program.

The “RIDE 12” subscription gives members 10 riding credits per month for just $249 per month for 12 consecutive months. This option was created for riders living in locations that allow for year-round riding.

The “PICK 6” subscription was created for members living in locations where year-round riding is limited due to weather. Members will receive 10 riding credits per month for any 6 months of their choosing, for only $199 per month.

For the launch of their new premium subscription program, EagleRider is offering for a limited time a discount of $50 per month on either option, along with 2 bonus credits per month. New subscribers can redeem credits for up to 12 days per month with the opportunity to enjoy different makes and models throughout the month. Credits can also be shared with friends and family members.

Initially, the new premium options will only be available to customers in select U.S. locations; however, new premium subscribers can use their credits and member benefits at any of the 100+ participating EagleRider locations nationwide. As with the original member program, most motorcycle models require just one credit for a 24-hour period; with a handful of larger models requiring two credits. EagleRider will expand the new premium membership to additional locations over the coming months.

EagleRider is committed to providing its customers with greater access to motorcycles and new riding experiences. Subscribers of Club EagleRider enjoy the ease and flexibility of choosing the perfect bike type for their ride (Cruiser, Touring, Adventure, etc.). As always, customers can ride round-trip or ride one-way to any EagleRider location. 

“We have had thousands of riders join our $29 monthly subscription since we launched it a few years ago. Almost from the beginning, our members have been asking us to deliver a plan that gives them enough credits to enjoy both at home and when they travel. Our new Premium Memberships now give them just that; more days, more models, more choices,” said Chris McIntyre, Co-Founder of EagleRider. 

About EagleRider

Since 1992, EagleRider Motorcycle RentalsMotorcycle Tours, and Membership has been passionate about expanding the motorcycle industry. With four bikes in a garage, EagleRider pioneered the motorcycle rental concept. In the early 2000s, EagleRider perfected hundreds of self-drive and guided tours allowing millions of motorcycle enthusiasts from around the world to fulfill dreams of riding a motorcycle through the most iconic areas in the USA. 

For more information, visit www.eaglerider.com.

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