Last Chance Power Drive

Press Release


Birmingham, Ala. – Confederate Motors was formed in 1991 to be a rebel think tank focused on creating honest, uncompromised motorcycle works of art. We would be anti-scale, principled and not about the money. Our vision was to take the old school, all-American Curtiss big v-twin invention to its highest state of tune, located as a stressed singularity with the most flex-free, fatigue resistant, lightweight chassis, hand crafted from only the finest materials and components specified with the best road bike geometry and ergonomics. Our mission was to positively influence and nurture the return of American industrial and mechanical design to its rightful place as highest level world-class.

We have created four unique proprietary architectures. We have made one-thousand three-hundred motorcycles. Each one has more torque as a percentage of weight than any other vehicle at its unique moment of creation. Each one is explosive as hell and extremely exhilarating to ride. When sighted, each one initiates a positive reaction from onlookers.

Confederate ginned up many copy cats. Please note that when Confederate came on the scene with well over 120 ft lb of torque, ZR-rated rubber, lightweight Marchesinis, dual Brembos, the finest suspension, the uber short crank to transmission center-to-center distance, the patented all-billet monocoque powertrain/frame singularity, the massive right side drive outrigger bearing, the perfectly centered fat rear tire, the massive three inch backbone, all in a package that weighed 25-35% less than the competition, the others were still running 1-piston brakes, steel wheels, bias belted rubber, 60 or so ft lb of torque, offset wheels, the cheapest suspension, and a neck that quite easily got out of sorts with its swingarm pivot. So when we began seeing Confederate design innovation show up on main stream motorcycles we were happy. Likewise, when the plethora of small makers came into the market, many staffed with personnel we had trained, we were happy. These results allowed our small anti-scale effort to reach more people, thusly furthering our mission.

It is also correct that when you’re copying, you’re losing. All you have to do is ride the FA-13 Combat Bomber we are creating now. They are time machines, so explosive, revealing, personal, and communicative that within minutes in the saddle you are transported to a previous age of innocence, beauty, and infinite possibility. It is this illumination that helped to clarify and inform a turning point for our effort. Our mission is served. American design is back. We have optimized the all-American, big v-twin Curtiss invention. We are at the end of an all-new beginning.

On January 8, Curtiss takes over. Sustainable, scalable, ageless, timeless, fun motorcycle relevance is our new mission. Until that date, we will fulfill orders for what are by far the most bad-ass motorcycles ever made.

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