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The world premiere is scheduled for the New York City Motorcycle Show on December 9TH



Vanguard, New York City

Conceived, designed and built in New York City, Vanguard is an exciting, entirely new and wholly distinct motorcycle brand. Vanguard, with its forward- thinking design and pioneering features, is a product without equivalent as well as a brand with the potential to bring a new perspective to the motorcycle industry. Vanguard is excited to invite members of the media and public to come see its new “Roadster” in person.


“With a fresh perspective and unique approach, Vanguard promises to be a premium motorcycle brand of  revolutionary effect.”


Form and function have never been more complimentary. The Vanguard Roadster has a striking contemporary silhouette, the result of clear and well-informed design decisions. The lines emerged from breaking everything down into rethinking needs and solutions.


Vanguard motorcycles will be assembled in New York City at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. The modular construction, based on large sub-assemblies, revisits traditional manufacturing methods. Combined with worldwide sourcing and the support of key motorcycle vendors, Vanguard will deliver exceptional value and quality.


The Vanguard Roadster is a running prototype, with production slated for 2018. It boasts many unique features including a frameless structural engine, unitized crankcase, integrated exhaust and a tablet- size digital dashboard with a rear-view camera. The Roadster is the first of three motorcycles built on a common powertrain platform that will cover all riding positions:


Starting at $30,000, a premium price within reach, the Vanguard Roadster is a strong alternative to current premium motorcycles. Selected dealers are signing up to be the ambassadors of this game-changing brand. Pre-orders are starting now for the first 200 production motorcycles.


Roadster, Cruiser, and Racer.

Vanguard is led by renowned designer Edward Jacobs and serial entrepreneur Francois-Xavier Terni. Together they form a dynamic team of drive and vision.


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