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Where's Ruby?

WHERE’S RUBY? APRIL 16th, 2020

The game is called “Where’s Ruby“. Ruby is what I named my 2019 Ruby Red Indian Chieftain Limited.

Unfortunately we had no guess in the comments section of last weeks post https://www.thevtwinblog.com/2020/04/wheres-ruby-april-7th-2020.html but had several on Facebook and Instagram.

The correct answer was the iconic Joint Bar in Minneapolis which has been featured in music videos, hosted multiple big-name musical groups and even had it’s logo appear on a t-shirt in the blockbuster action movie “The Expendables”.

Once again I will be taking photos of her in front of Minnesota and Wisconsin landmarks and once a week posting the photo here.

So now for this week…”Where’s Ruby?”

And don’t forget to leave your guesses in the comments section.

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