We’ve Got You Covered: Twisted Road Now Protects Owners and Riders for Up to $1,000,000

Press Release

The leading motorcycle rental company is making big improvements to its rider and owner protection plans.

CHICAGO, April 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Twisted Road, the leading motorcycle rental community, announced the launch of two significant changes to their insurance policy. First, all owners are now covered for up to one million-dollars of liability protection, free of charge. In addition, all riders now have the option to receive up to one million dollars of coverage during their motorcycle rental as well.

“The most important thing is making sure that our community is safe,” said Austin Rothbard, founder and CEO of Twisted Road. “We are offering the most comprehensive motorcycle damage and liability insurance coverage in the industry, and for the best price.”

Insurance packages for riders are available for as low as $35/day, and cover up to $25,000 of motorcycle damage. For an extra $10/day, riders can increase their liability coverage to a million dollars. However, one must learn more about the premium rates when they have already committed a second dui offense, since premiums differ with these offenses.

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Owners have always been covered for damage that happens during the ride, and now receive the increased-to-a-million-dollar package.

“We are proud to lead the industry in innovation. As motorcycle insurance is a critical piece of the experience for all Twisted Road members, we invest our time, effort and energy in making sure that we are best-in-class.”

Twisted Road’s premium insurance offering is the latest example of the platform’s notable offerings:

  • Twisted Road has more than 2,500 privately-owned motorcycles for rent all across the United States
  • Motorcycle owners earn money by renting out their personal bikes while these bikes would otherwise be sitting in the garage
  • Riders use Twisted Road while traveling, to try different motorcycles, or to test-ride before they buy
  • The rental platform boasts extensive variety, with vintage bikes that date back to 1947 as well as new innovative models such as Harley-Davidson’s electric motorcycle, the LiveWire
  • The company provides damage and liability insurance of up to $1M during all rentals.
  • The Twisted Road referral program provides riders with a free day of riding for multi-day rides, or 25% off on shorter rides during their first rental.

“We strive to connect the motorcycle world: two wheels at a time, and I am extremely excited that we keep finding ways to bring the community together,” said Rothbard.

For more information on Twisted Road’s insurance program and to see all the bikes listed for rent, please visit www.twistedroad.com

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