EagleRider Partners with Total Control to Promote Safe Riding Opportunities for New and Experienced Motorcyclists

Press Release

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 8, 2019 — EagleRider Motorcycle Rentals and Tours partners with Total Control Training, Inc. to continue advancing motorcycle riding by providing access to great rides, motorcycles, and training nationwide.

Total Control has been an innovation leader in motorcycle training programs since 1999, having trained well over 275,000 new and experienced riders. Training takes place on smaller motorcycles, but what happens when students graduate from these courses? EagleRider and Total Control are now offering a perfect solution for these new riders.

As a Total Control Official Rental and Touring Partner, EagleRider and Total Control are establishing a communication channel that informs students of the benefits of joining Club EagleRider for graduates of all levels. Fresh out of training, Total Control graduates can join Club EagleRider as they find the motorcycle of their dreams. By joining Club EagleRider for $29, Total Control graduates start with two free rental days, and they get to select from multiple motorcycle brands. They also get to choose from hundreds of locations around the USA. Once in, for $29 per month, riders continue to accrue one free rental day per month which they can use monthly or build up for longer rides making day trips on longer adventures easier than ever.

For Total Control graduates, joining Club EagleRider instantly provides ultimate test rides as they explore which bike is the best fit for them. It also provides a “bike in a suitcase” for those who travel, and very importantly, it immediately connects them with a local riding community so that they can build riding confidence while enjoying the camaraderie of like-minded motorcyclists as they continue to experience the joys of riding.

To help make sure all this riding is being done safely and responsibly, as an EagleRider Official Training Partner, Total Control will provide educational materials at EagleRider locations to help promote the benefits of intermediate and advanced training. It will also be involved in ongoing training for EagleRider Tour Guides to ensure they have the latest riding technology to promote safety and fun of their rides.

Rider Quotes

“I finished my riding course last November and, at the urging of a friend who was a member, joined Club EagleRider. The access it allows me to smaller bikes at a killer price has done wonders for my confidence. I’m excited to start taking the advanced riding courses!”
Anastasia—Los Angeles, CA

“I was so excited to start riding that I joined Club EagleRider before I ever had a motorcycle endorsement. I took my first riding course with Total Control in Austin and got a bike through EagleRider the day after I got my endorsement”
Jeff—Austin, TX

About Total Control

For almost 20 years, Total Control Training, Inc. (TCTI) has provided industry leading motorcycle training as well as contract management for the California Highway Patrol, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and the U.S. Armed Forces. TCTI is the also largest provider of advanced motorcycle training curricula in North America. Its Total Control Advanced Riding Clinics (TC ARC) and mentorship training are widely used by military, state, civilian and government programs for their mishap reducing technologies. The owner and founder Mr. Lee Parks is a national road racing champion, the author of the international best-selling riding skills book Total Control and owns safety apparel manufacturer Lee Parks Design. Today with TCTI he provides beginner, intermediate and advanced rider training all over the world. For more information, visit www.totalcontroltraining.net

About EagleRider

Pioneering the motorcycle rental concept in 1992, EagleRider has since grown to become a motorcycle experience industry leader, fulfilling dreams of thousands of motorcyclists worldwide from over 200 locations. EagleRider offers a variety of motorcycle travel options and a Club EagleRider membership subscription program—the first of its kind in the motorcycle industry. For more information, visit www.eaglerider.com.

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