The V-Twin Blog’s Top 10 Most Viewed Posts of 2020

Happy New Year Everyone!

2020 was will in a word “unprecedented”. Events we’ve considered as staples were canceled, postponed, or scaled back. A once in a lifetime global pandemic got in the way of a lot of plans.

But 2021 is here!!!

Here at The V-Twin Blog (VTB for short), we took advantage of the way the world changed and focused on creating more content.

  • We started ramping up our Youtube presence and have some really cool videos coming this riding season in a way that I don’t think any other V-Twin content creator is doing.
  • We also started doing a segment on our favorite Indian Motorcycle podcast Indian Rider Radio. The time we’ve spent working with Curtis, RidingFish, and the group over there has been awesome.
  • You will also start seeing articles from some outside authors that I think will knock your “valves” off.

So as a final way to put 2020 in our mirrors I present the top #10 most viewed posts on The V-Twin Blog for 2020.











Editorials Video

Two Wheel Thoughts E3 – Top Five Ways Motorcycles Have Made My Life Better

Motorcycles are a life changer in more ways than I can put into and three minute video but here are my “Top five Ways Motorcycles Have Made My Life Better.”

What would you add to the list?

Leave your comments below or in the video!

Editorials Video

The V-Twin Blog Two Wheel Thoughts E2 – Buying your next motorcycle

This Two Wheel Thought is around buying a motorcycle and what some might consider “unconventional” thinking behind buying your next motorcycle. And I came up with a new acronym “PHM”! Now, what the heck does that mean???

The V-Twin Blog
Editorials Video

The V-Twin Blog – Two-Wheel Thoughts-E1

Here at The V-Twin Blog we recently started looking into Moto-Vlogging. As part of that process, we got a GoPro set up on an older helmet we had and went out for a few test rides. One of the test rides actually produced some really good video and some interesting ramblings from me during a ride around town.

Check out the video where I talk about what has been going on with The V-Twin Blog lately and my thoughts on the state of American V-Twin motorcycles.

Ride or Die

The V-Twin Blog
Editorials Video

Downtown Knoxville Graffiti Alley

Video from downtown Knoxville “Graffiti Alley”. Not a ride video but I thought this was really cool and wanted to post it to the Blog and the YouTube channel.

Enjoy, like, and subscribe,

The V-Twin Blog
Editorials Video

The curse of the Tail of the Dragon

The Dragon is trying to put up a fight but Ruby and I are ready to slay the beast.

Enjoy the video, don’t forget to like and subscribe. I’ll be posting videos regularly for the rest of the riding season.

The V-Twin Blog
Editorials Where's Ruby?

Where’s Ruby?

Hey, folks new feature time!

With a portion of the country stuck inside or not able to just hang out with friends and family due to COVID-19 I wanted to try sort of a guessing game.

The game is called “Where’s Ruby“. Ruby is what I named my 2019 Ruby Red Indian Chieftain Limited. To start with I will be taking photos of her in front of Minnesota and Wisconsin landmarks and once a week posting the photo here. Hopefully ending the riding season with photos from different spots across the midwest.

I hope you enjoy the game and please leave your guesses in the comment section below.

Now…”Where’s Ruby?”


We’re expanding the platform!

For a few years here at The V-Twin Blog, we have been hand-wringing for a while over how to expand our reach. We have been wanting to use YouTube Videos as a platform for a while, but what would the content be? Do we do ride videos, review videos, news videos? In looking at YouTube we noticed that there aren’t a lot of videos from events like Sturgis or regional motorcycle shows.

So to stay on the theme of what The V-Twin Blog has been about from the beginning of providing a one-stop-shop for V-Twin riders, we are working hard to bring you video content that we think will appeal to V-Twin riders.

We’ve placed what you could consider a “trailer” video of what is in store for this and hopefully many more riding seasons to come.

So hope you enjoy the video below and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to join us on this two-wheeled adventure.

Ride or Die!

The V-Twin Blogger