Dealer Spotlight: Indian Motorcycle of the Twin Cities – Free Lifetime Warranty….FREE????

Dealer Spotlight



Indian Motorcycle of the Twin Cities, MN The Home Town Dealership for Polaris Industries recently announced a FREE LIFETIME WARRANTY that would be free of charge with any motorcycle bought at the Twin Cities Dealership.  Indian Motorcycle of the Twin Cities is the first Dealership to offer such a warranty, while others scramble to find their own edge on selling the prestigious line of Motorcycles.
“Basically in short, it covers ANYTHING within the internal engine that touches oil” says Art Welch, Owner the Twin Cities Dealership.
Great news for consumers who are looking for that last reason to tip them over to pull the trigger.

“There are no gimmicks, no hidden fees, no B.S…  This is the real deal and its 100% legit.  The great thing about this warranty, is that it can be used across the nation. Sold at only OUR dealership, but available for use across the open road at any dealership.” Says Welch.

The warranty of course has had one set back…..
“Dealers who have heard of this are discrediting the warranty saying that its fake, or not real. Obviously they have something against an “edge” we have that they don’t, but it’s the name of the game…  competition is great, but we have the best “edge” that they can’t touch.  And the best part, our competition next door can’t offer it!” Welch says referring to the Harley Davidson Dealership next door.
Welch who became the #1 dealer in a 7 state Midwest area in 2015 hopes to keep his title at #1.  After all, he’s been the longest existing Indian Motorcycle Dealer ranging back since the 2008 Kings Mountain era. (Pre-Polaris)
“People can buy elsewhere if they want, and pay for an extended warranty, but we always strive to make sure our own customers who bought here are well taken care of.  This warranty is just one thing of many that we offer to keep our business that no one can compete with.”
For More information on the warranty, you can call 651-765-9988. The owner answers the phone on occasion, and loves to hear from his happy customers.
Indian Motorcycle of the Twin Cities is located at:
2967 Hudson Rd.
St Paul, MN 55128

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