About “The V-Twin Blog”

Who I am

I’m just a guy that has a true passion for riding. I have been in a number of Bike Shows and place 1st or 2nd in most that I have entered. I have been riding since I was 16 (so close to 30 years), and have been on a number of brands from Yamaha to Indian.

Why did I start “The V-Twin Blog”

In January of 2016, I was walking around my house grumpy as I do most winters when I got a crazy idea, “I’m gonna start making parts on a digital printer”. I figured I would make things like license plate frames and mirrors and people would buy them, but I needed money to buy a $3000 digital printer so I figured I’d start a website and talk about the parts I was making.

Well, I never bought a digital printer and haven’t started a parts business but I did end up starting this site and honestly, it has been the best thing I’ve done related to motorcycles next to riding.

The purpose of this blog is to provide a one-stop site for those of us that love our American V-Twin motorcycles. To find news, tips, trick and a community that is focused around the motorcycles we love.

What’s in the stable:

I currently own a 2012 Victory High Ball (sold in October 2018)

And  2015 Indian Chieftain

The most recent addition to the family a 2018 Indian Scout Bobber

Ride or Die!

The V-Twin Blogger